It all started in 1994…

That’s when I started playing electric bass and joined a band. Playing in one band led to other bands, other instruments and opportunities for live performance. Eventually, this included touring and studio gigs. Later I spent several years working as a recording and mix engineer.

Time spent playing live and in the studio meant trying gear of all flavors in a search for “the best”. Many hours of critical listening and design analysis revealed the most important ingredients. Often, the critical ingredients weren’t obvious ones. There is rarely one solution to every situation. Thoughtful design and highest quality components matter a great deal.

Who is Professor Nigel?

Professor Nigel is an eccentric musician/scientist working in a mad tone laboratory. A fictitious and hopefully comical reminder that inspiration and progress often come from experimentation and unexpected sources.

Happy Customers, Quality Gear

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Why cables?

Cables are a staple; nearly every musician has at least a few. But rarely something to consider stylish or inspirational. How many times have you said, “wow, cool cable”? After years of making my own vanilla cables for bass and guitar, I wanted to make different flavors for the eyes and the ears.

Which one is best?

Many excellent cables are currently on the market and there is a big emphasis on “low capacitance” cable. But which options are best? Is lower capacitance always better? The short answer is, “it depends”.

What works best for you depends on your guitar, your amp, your desired tone. However, swapping cables can have a profound effect on tone. For this reason, all cables sold here have an explanation of how they impact sound based on experience with testing. We are also working on audio samples to help you hear the difference. Still unsure? Get in touch to discuss the various options.

Form and function

Are there cables that contribute to great tone, withstand heavy use and look great while doing it? Yes! All Professor Nigel’s cables and accessories are designed to be durable, stylish and help our customers sound great. However, if something does go wrong, we offer a lifetime replacement warranty and repair services for Prof. Nigel’s brand products. Select from in-stock color combos, connectors and lengths to match your rig or contact us to initiate a custom design.

Great tone can be eco-friendly

Professor Nigel’s retail and shipping packaging is made from recycled materials that are also completely curbside recyclable. Premium parts ensure maximum durability and lifespan. Contact us regarding repair, replacement and recycling services for broken cables. Don’t just throw it away!